About Us

BnGWear.com is an online clothing retail store featuring designs for Men, Women and Kids. Our premium collection is full of styles that flatter. Our collection will make the better version of you. Don't forget to check them out our accessories collection that brings more stylish life to your surroundings. All the products on our platform are designed by talented fashion designers. We maintained 80:20 ratio of experienced fashion designer Vs young fashion designer. When you do shopping with us you also motivate young fashion designers to scale in their career. We endeavour to bring new and new collections to our customers. Our Tag line : Wear 'Em All - Our mission is to bring the most affordable range of collection without compromising quality and style. Wear them all with confidence. Clothes brings out your personality and our clothes do it in right way.
Our Goals:
- To make clothes that will last.
We aim to provide well made, amazing fitting garments that will last years and years and ideally get better with age when properly cared for. Choosing quality over fast fashion means that less clothes end up in a landfill.
- To explore the talent of Fashion Designer.
We plan to work with international fair trade co-operatives and smaller workshops to promote these fashion designers. We also invest equally and heavily to promote their designs. With your support and our strict quality control on our manufacturing process keeps their spirit high.
- To minimize packaging and use recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible.
We are slowly moving towards removing single use plastics from our packaging. Most garments are packaged in canvas bags or wrapped in recycled paper instead of plastic (there are a few garment exceptions) . Items are usually shipped in recycled boxes or recyclable mailers.