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There may not be anything trailblazing about a plain T-shirt, but for its ease, versatility, comfort factor—and the fact that we know for sure you all have at least one that makes them your best wardrobe staple. we will be looking at some famous celebs that can help us decide ways to wear a plain T-shirt. celebrities are considered to be on frontlines of the trend-setting world, whether or not they are creating the trend or following it. Most celebrities then become icons for fashion statements and are known for his or her attractiveness and their well-dressed figures.

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Read this blog post for tips on choosing the right clothing The colors you choose to wear also say something about you The best colors are jewel tones like these·Wearing solid colors can help you look best on video and photoshoots

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cotton, for men, mens fashion clothing, short sleeves, t shirt, white t-shirt -

Plain t-shirt provide you freedom to choose from diverse options.You can wear a contrasting colored shirt over a T-shirt, make the best use of your summer hats and let your bottom wear vary from shorts  to  jeans.

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